Nonlocal, Collisionless Electron Transport in Plasmas

Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

August 2-4 2005

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This page contains links to presentations of invited speakers. Speakers are encouraged to submit their "IEEE Special Issue" papers and related information after the workshop. 

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August 2

August 3

August 4

9:00 AM


S. A. Cohen

Experimental studies of double layers in helicon plasmas

W. Lee

How to Reduce Noise in Particle Simulation

9:30 AM

R. Goldston,



F.F. Chen

Anomalous transport in industrial RF plasmas

I. Kolev

Comprehensive PIC-MC model for planar magnetron discharges

10:00 AM

V. Godyak

EEDF Modification in RF Plasmas

A. Dunaevsky

Kinetic experimental studies of expanding plasmas


R. Arslanbekov

Simulations of electron kinetics in gas discharges: the state of the art

10:30 AM




11:00 AM

N. J. Fisch

Kinetic effects and current drive in high temperature plasma

F. Skiff

Diagnostics of collisionless process in plasmas

Informal discussion on simulations

S. Hudson

11:30 AM

T. S. Hahm

Theory, simulation and experimental test of turbulence spreading

Informal discussion on diagnostics

S. A. Cohen

G. M. Milikh

Physics of high altitude lightning

12:00 PM

G. Hammett

Nonlocal fluid closure approximations for collisionless dynamics, with nonlinear extensions

I. Kaganovich

Theory of anomalous skin effect

L. Tsendin

The electron energy  diffusion coefficient in  weakly collisional plasmas

12:30 PM




1:00 PM

1:30 PM

R. Boswell

On a topic of sub-Bohm diffusion in a high beta helicon plasma.

O. Polomarov

Anomalous skin effect in nonuniform  plasmas.

M. Shneider

Molecular ensembles in optical lattices

2:00 PM

Y. Raitses

Non-local effects of electron heat transport in Hall thrusters

M. Turner

Collisionless heating in capacitive discharges

A. Brantov

Dielectric permittivity and nonlocal electron transport in weakly collisional plasma

2:30 PM

M. Keidar

Electron transport in closed ExB drift devices

I.V. Schweigert

Capacitively and inductively coupled HF discharges in one and two dimensional PIC-MCC simulations.

I. Beilis

Kinetic of plasma particles and electron beam relaxation zone in the  vacuum arc


3:00 PM





3:30 PM

K. Bowers

Surface waves and Landau resonant heating in unmagnetized bounded plasmas

A. Fridman

Kinetics of low temperature plasma: physics and applications



4:00 PM

C. E. Theodosiou

Electron impact scattering cross sections for plasma physics



4:30 PM

V. Demidov

Non-local effects in afterglow plasmas



5:00 PM

F. Skiff, S. A. Cohen

M. Turner, S. Hudson

I. Kaganovich



5:30 PM



7:00 PM





Poster Presentations

N. Birdsall

Transition from a decaying capacitive discharge to a self-heated resistive discharge

R. P. Brinkmann

Collisional and Non-Collisional Heating in Capacitively Coupled Plasmas: A Unified Picture

T. Hughes

Monte-Carlo vs. bulk resistivity modeling of an RF Helium plasma

A. Kudryavtsev, E. A. Bogdanov

Nonmonotonic behavior of excitation-rate spatial profiles in bounded plasmas due to effects of  EDF nonlocality

C. Legendy

Helicon website

S. Robertson

A model for the density, temperature and plasma potential of low-density, hot-filament discharges

A. Sefkow

Using LSP code to optimize ion beam diagnostic and proton beam generations

A. Shvydky

Three-dimensional Monte-Carlo/Particle- in-Cell simulations of the discharge pulse in an AC-PDP cell

Y. Sosov

Pn approximation of Boltzmann equation applied to the breakdown in Argon.

Z. Sternovsky

Collisional reduction of the ion flux to the wall in low-pressure gas discharges.

P. Stoltz

Simulations of particle dynamics in gas-filled diodes.

A. Smirnov

Electron cross-filed transport in a miniaturized cylindrical Hall thruster

D. Sydorenko

Modification of Electron Velocity Distribution in Bounded Plasmas by Secondary Electron Emission

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