Nonlocal, Collisionless Electron Transport in Plasmas

Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

August 2-4 2005




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R. Arslanbekov


CFD Research Corporation

Simulations of Electron Kinetics in Gas Discharges: The State of the Art

Isaak Beilis

Tel Aviv University

Kinetic of plasma particles and electron beam relaxation zone in the cathode current continuity of a vacuum arc

Ned Birdsall

UC Berkeley

Transition from a decaying capacitive discharge to a self-heated resistive discharge


Rod Boswell

Australian National University

On a topic of sub-Bohm diffusion in a high beta helicon plasma.

Kevin Bowers


Surface Waves and Landau Resonant Heating in Unmagnetized Bounded Plasmas

Andrei Brantov

Lebedev University of Alberta

Dielectric Permittivity and Nonlocal Electron Transport in Weakly Collisional Plasma

Ralf Peter Brinkmann

Ruhr-Universitaet, Bochum, Germany

Collisional and Non-Collisional Heating in Capacitively Coupled Plasmas: A Unified Picture

Francis F. Chen


Anomalous transport in industrial RF plasmas

Edgar Choueiri




Samuel A. Cohen


Experimental studies of double layers in helicon plasmas

Vladimir Demidov

Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson, OH

Non-local effects in afterglow plasmas


Alexander Dunaevsky


Kinetic experimental studies of expanding plasmas

Nathaniel Fisch


Kinetic effects and current drive in high temperature plasma


Alexander Fridman

Drexel U.

Kinetics of low temperature plasma: physics and applications

Shailesh Gangoli

Francis Haas,

Drexel U.


Drexel U.

Valery Godyak

OSRAM Sylvania

EEDF Modification in RF Plasmas

Taik S. Hahm


Theory, simulation and experimental test of turbulence spreading

Gregory W. Hammett


Nonlocal Fluid Closure Approximations for Collisionless Dynamics, with Nonlinear Extensions

Alexander Gutsol

Drexel Plasma Institute

Thomas Hughes

ATK Mission Research

Monte-Carlo vs. bulk resistivity modeling of an RF Helium plasma

Igor Kaganovich


Theory of anomalous skin effect

Michael Keidar

U. of Michigan, at Ann Arbor

Electron transport in closed ExB drift devices

Anatoliy Kudyavtsev

E. A. Bogdanov


St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

Nonmonotonic behavior of excitation-rate spatial profiles in bounded plasmas due to effects of EDF nonlocality

Ivan Kolev

U. of Antwerp

Comprehensive PIC-MC model for planar magnetron discharges

Mark Koepke

Michael Zimmerman

West Virginia University

Wei-li W. Lee


How to Reduce Noise in Particle Simulation

Charles Legendy

Robert John Leiweke

Nick Siefert

AFRL, Plasma Physics Laboratory, OH

Gennady M.Milikh

University of Maryland

Physics of High Altitude Lightning

Paul Moroz

Tokyo Electron Massachusetts

Oleg Polomarov

U. of Toledo

Effects of plasma nonuniformity and finite size on anomalous rf field penetration into a warm plasma.

Yevgeny Raitses


Non-local effects of electron heat transport in Hall thrusters

Scott Robertson

Department of Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder

A model for the density, temperature and plasma potential of low-density,

hot-filament discharges

I.V. Schweigert

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Russia

Capacitively and Inductively Coupled High Frequency Discharges in one and two dimensional PIC-MCC simulations.

Adam B Sefkow


Using LSP code to optimize ion beam diagnostic and proton beam generations

Mikhail N Shneider

Princeton U.

Molecular ensembles in optical lattices


Alex Shvydky

University of Toledo

Three-dimensional Monte-Carlo/Particle- in-Cell simulations of the discharge pulse in an AC-PDP cell

Yuriy Sosov

University of Toledo

Pn approximation of Boltzmann equation applied to the breakdown in Argon


Frederick Skiff

U. of Iowa

Diagnostics of collisionless process in plasmas

Artem Smirnov


Electron cross--field transport field transport in a miniaturized cylindrical Hall thruster


Zoltan Sternovsky

University of Colorado, Boulder

Collisional reduction of the ion flux to the wall in low-pressure gas


Peter Stoltz


Simulations of particle dynamics in gas-filled diodes

Dima Sydorenko

University of Saskatchewan

Modification of Electron Velocity Distribution in Bounded Plasmas by Secondary Electron Emission

Constantine E. Theodosiou

U. of Toledo

Electron impact scattering cross sections for plasma physics

Lev Tsendin

St. Petersburg Tech. U.

The electron diffusion coefficient along the energy in bounded collisionless and weakly collisional plasmas

Miles Turner

Dublin U., Ireland

Collisionless Heating in Capacitive Discharges

Stuart Hudson


Panel discussion on simulations

Giyoung Tak

Drexel U.

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