CEMM Meeting 11 Nov. 2007

Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando FL

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting

Jardin: Introductory Comments and M3D-C1 code progress

Breslau: CDX-U Sawtooth Update and Error Field Calculations

Sovinec: NIMROD Developments

Glasser: Preconditioning andd Scalability with FETI-DP

Izzo: Disruption Calculations

Zhu: FLR stabilization in extended MHD

Ferraro: 2-Fluid equilibrium with flow

Strauss: Spectral Elements in M3D

Fu: Energetic Particle Update and Plans

Parker: Low Moment Kinetic MHD

Pankin: NIMROD ELM modeling

Sugiyama: GC Plasma Models in 3D and ELM Modelling

Sugiyama: M3D MPP ELM simulation showing long-time saturation

Kruger: RMP simulations using NIMROD

Schnack: SWIM Slow MHD Campaign

Held: LMP Closures

Ramos: Fluid-Kinetic Parallel Closures


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