CEMM Project Meeting May 1 2011

in conjunction with the Sherwood 2011 Fusion Theory Meeting

Austin, TX


S. Jardin: Announcements and Project Status

C. Sovinec Alterning NIMROD's convergence on interchange modes

A. Glasser: A fast, scalable parallel solver for the HIFI extended MHD spectral element code

J. Breslau: A method for reconstructing equilibrium energetic particle distributions from NUBEAM

J. Ramos: Exact conservation laws in the closed fluid-kinetic modeling of low collisionality, slow dynamics.

T. Scaffidi: Resistive linear stability calculations with the M3D-C1 code

N. Ferraro: Calculations of linear two-fluid resistive plasma repsonse to non-axisymmetric fields

S. Jardin: Initial 3D Nonlinear results from the M3D-C1 code

T. Jenkins: Coupled IPS-NIMROD/GENRAY simulations of ECCD-induced tearing mode stabilizations

P. Zhu Edge current effects on peeling-ballooning instability

L. Sugiyama: Linear and nonlinear instability of a toroidal plasma with free boundary and X-point

V. Izzo: Runaway electron confinement in diverted DIII-D discharges

C. Kim: Progress on drift kinetic hybrid-MHD simulations in NIMROD

E. Held: Benchmarks of Drift-kinetic closures in NIMROD

H. Strauss: Wall forces produced by JET and ITER disruptions

B. Coppi: Interface between MHD theory and transport processes with self-organization


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