CEMM Meeting 15 March 2015

NYU New York, NY

In Conjunction with the Sherwood Meeting

Glasser: Update on resistive DCON

Lyons: Applied 3D field validation studies for ASDEX-U

Kruger: Edge modeling with NIMROD

Held: Update on continuum hot particle applications in NIMROD

Ramos: Kinetic-MHD linear system wtih fast equilibrium rotation

Howell: Extended MHD analysis of the gravitational interchange

Ferraro: New developments in M3DC1

Sovinec: Disruption modeling with NIMROD

Strauss: Disruption scaling laws from wall force and toroidal rotation

Jenkins: NIMROD modeling of sawtooth modes

Jardin: Physics of sawtooth free discharges

Hudson: Ghost surfaces and island detection

Sugiyama: New results for edge instabilities


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