July 30,31 Closures and CEMM Workshop at Madison


Monday, July 30

J.D. Callen (UW), Welcome and Motivation

D.D. Schnack (SAIC), CEMM Perspective On Closure Needs

W. Park (PPPL), Closure Issues for Extended MHD Phys.Plas.pdf

L. Sugiyama (MIT), Closures Needed for Two-Fluid Models

T.A. Gianakon (LANL), Heuristic Closures for Simulations of Neoclassical Tearing Modes ps or pdf

C.Z. Cheng (PPPL), A Kinetic-Fluid Model( see PPPL-3303)

Z. Lin (PPPL), A Fluid-Kinetic Hybrid Electron Model for Electromagnetic Simulations (see PPPL-3536)

S.E. Parker (UCo), Algorithmic Unification of Particle and Continuum Methods for Kinetic MHD

G.W. Hammett (PPPL), Speculations on the Form of Kinetic-MHD Closures pdf

E.D. Held (USU), General Parallel Closures for Plasma Fluid Equations

K.C. Shaing (UW), Kinetic Theory Issues In Nonlocal Transport pdf

J.D. Callen (UW), Some Closure, Simulation Questions

Tuesday, July 31

E. Belova (PPPL), Nonlinear Gyroviscous Force In a Collisionless Plasma talk (pdf) or (see PPPL-3569)

F. Waelbroeck (UTx), Conservation Laws and the Integrability of Extended MHD

D.P. Schissel (GA), Overview of the SCIDAC Fusion Collaboratory Project

S.C. Jardin (PPPL), Overview of the CEMM Collaboration

W. Park, M3D Code status and Applications

H. Strauss, Stellarator pdf , M3D/ParM3D structure pdf , A. Pletzer, GRIN ps

C. Sovinec, High-beta kink and NIMROD density evolution

G. Fu, M3D hybrid simulaitons in unstructured mesh pdf

C. Kim, Progress on NIMROD hybrid simulations ps or pdf

Tautges, Scidac ISIC on Terascale Simulation Tools and Technologies (TSTT)

L. Sugiyama, 2-fluid studies with M3D

J. Breslau, M3D m=1 studies and plans

R. Nebel, 2-fluid studies with NIMROD

T. Gianakon, NTM studies and plans with NIMROD ps or pdf

Discussion and planning of next meeting

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