Index of Mike Beer's Cyclone pages

q profiles for 81499
Linear growth rates for 81499
Linear growth rates: with and without electrons/impurites
Linear growth rates: circular vs. full geometry
Nonlinear poloidal flow damping tests
Nonlinear simulations for 81499
My contributions to Rick's talk
More nonlinear test cases
Nonlinear test cases run a bit longer
RMS Phi vs. time and Chi vs. epsilon scaling
Higher resolution chi vs. epsilon scan for NTP case
Nonlinear epsilon scan for 81499 base case
Phi (0,0) time slices for base case and -30% case
Gyrofluid R/L_T_crit issues
Effect of gyrofluid errors near threshold
chi vs. time for R/L_T scan
More gyrofluid R/L_T_crit issues
Effect of non-zero theta_0 on threshold for NTP test case

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