CEMM Meeting 16 Nov. 2008

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dallas TX

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting

Jardin: Brief Summary of IAEA and ITPA MHD topics

Izzo: RMP Modelling with NIMROD

Strauss: M3D RMP Simulations

Sugiyama: Higher resolution ELM and RMP results

Breslau: Error Field Calculations with M3D

Breslau: Sawtooth studies and plans

Jenkins: Modeling of RF/MHD coupling using NIMROD and GENRAY

Izzo: Disruption Calculations

Paccagnella: Application of M3D to disruption modelling

Ferraro: 2-Fluid equilibrium with flow

Hegna: Ideal MHD Benchmark

Squires: Dynamic Behavior of Peeling Ballooning Modes in a Shifted Circle Tokamak Equilibrium

Jardin: Linear benchmarking of M3D-C1

Zhu: Nonlinear ballooning benchmark

Ramos: Analytic results for two-fluid tearing modes

Schnack: Discussion Session on new code benchmarks

Sovinec: Fourier-based preconditioning for 3D 2F computations and scaling

Glasser: Preconditioning and Scalability with FETI-DP

Ferraro: Solver experience in M3D-C1

Jardin: SAPP progress report (Sherry Li)

Ramos: Drift-kinetic equation for slow-dynamics electron closures

Held: Continuum solution of the drift kinetic equation in NIMROD

Kruger: Heat Transport in 3D magnetic fields

Parker: Lorentz ion drift/gyrokinetic electron particle closure

Callen: Discussion session on model development and closures workshop


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