CEMM Project Meeting June 12-13 2012

Madison, Wisconsin


S. Jardin: Update on ITPA activities

A. Glasser Particle pushing with higher order elements

A. Glasser: Quiet start

C. Sovinec: Spectral Elements

S. Jardin: On non-linear 2F calculations with M3D-C1

D. Schnack: Verification of NIMROD with fluid ITG-like modes

S. Parker: Extensions of kinetic MHD for edge pedestal plasmas

C. Kim: Hybrid kinetic MHD with NIMROD

S. Kruger: Update on continuum kinetics in NIMROD (for E. Held)

B. Lyons Numerical solution of neoclassical equations with full collision operator

J. Ramos: On the radial ion heat flux in the neoclassical banana regime

J. King: Verification of tearing-mode drift effects with extended MHD

N. Ferraro: Interpretation of the RMP experiments on DIII and application to ITER

J. Callen: RMP effects on pedestal plasma transport

H. Strauss: Calculation of the sideways force in ITER

J. Breslau: NSTX disruption calculations

L. Sugiyama: Sawteeth, snakes, and FTLEs

R. Nebel: Electrostatic current drive in tokamaks

P. Zhu: MHD simulation of ELMs on KSTAR

V. Izzo: Simulation of EXTRAPT2R RFP with applied n=12 RMP fields

T. Jenkins: ECCD induced tearing mode stabilization in coupled IPS/NIMROD/GENRAY simulations

J. O'Bryan: Simulation of current-filament dynamics and relaxation in the Pegasus ST


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