CPPG Seminars on Computation

   Location:  Visualization Display Wall Room (sometimes Theory Seminar Room)
   Time:      alternating Fridays, at 10:30 am
   Refreshments will be available.

If you are doing "neat stuff" in parallel computing, scientific visualization, graphical user interfaces, codes integration and sharing, web based computing or data sharing, or anything else of general interest and significance in the area of scientific computing, ...come share it with us. Sign up as a speaker for a Friday seminar (send email to Stephane Ethier).

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Autumn 2013

September 23, 10:45 AM Dr. Paul Gibbon, Institute for Advanced Simulation, J├╝lich Supercomputing Centre Mesh-free plasma simulation: a new paradigm for hi-fidelity, exascale computing Abstract

Summer 2013

June 21 Taisuke Boku, University of Tsukuba HA-PACS Project with Tightly Coupled GPU communication and XMP Programming Language Abstract

Winter 2012/2013

Mar 15, 1:30 PM Dr. Jianying Lang, PPPL XGC1 performance on GPU-CPU hybrid architecture Abstract
Jan 24, 10:45 AM Dr. Scott Klasky, ORNL Accelerating Scientific Knowledge Discovery in DOE science Abstract

Autumn 2012

Oct 19, 11:00 AM Dr. Stephane Ethier (PPPL) What is GPU computing? Abstract

Spring 2012

June 7, 4:00 PM Prof. Ravi Samtaney, KAUST, Saudi Arabia Plasmoid dynamics in resistive MHD simulations of magnetic reconnection Abstract

Winter 2011/2012

Jan 27 Dr.Jai Sachdev, Combustion Res & Flow Tech Numerical Solution of a Dilute and Disperse Gas-Particle Flow

Winter 2010/2011

Feb 22, 2:00PM Dr. Don Batchelor, ORNL SWIM Framework, IPS

Autumn 2010

Oct 15 Dr. Daniel Reynolds, Southern Methodist U Toward Scalable Implicit Solvers for Resistive MHD Abstract

Summer 2010

Aug 30, 10:30AM Dr. Scott Klasky, ORNL ADIOS 1.2, preparing for the Xscale Abstract

Winter 2009/2010

Mar 5, 10:00AM David Maples & David Lecomber, Allinea DDT, the Distributed Debugging Tool. Abstract
Jan 28, 2PM Samuel Lazerson, U Alaska Numerical Techniques in Dusty Plasmas. Abstract
Jan 7 Dr. Alexander Pletzer, TechX Chompst: Marrying the best of Chombo and PETSc for solving "hard" Multi-grid problems. Abstract

Autumn 2009

Nov 30 Dr. Guang Lin, PNNL Uncertainty Quantification and Data-Reduction Methods for Non-Equilibrium Plasma Flow . Abstract
Oct 9 Armen Kherlopian, Cornell Neurocomputation: Implications of Visual Processing and Memory in Data Analysis. Abstract

Summer 2009

Jun 25 Dr. Kevin Bowers, LANL Advances in Petascale Kinetic Plasma Simulation with VPIC and Roadrunner. Abstract

Spring 2009

May 22 3:00PM, Theory Seminar Room Prof. Weinan E, PU Capturing the Macroscale Bevavior with the Help of Microscale Models. Abstract

Autumn 2008

Dec 5 Prof. Mayya Tokman, UCB Construction and Performance of Exponential Integrators. Abstract
Oct 21, 1PM Paul Mullowney, Tech-X Corp GPULib : A Library for GPU Acceleration of Scientific Computing Applications. Abstract

Summer 2008

Jul 11 Dr. John M. Finn, LLNL An optimal robust equidistribution method for two-dimensional grid generation based on Monge-Kantorovich optimization. Abstract
Jun 24, 10:30AM, Theory Conference Room Dr. Alice Koniges, LLNL A New Multiscale Multyphysics Code for NIF Target Debris Analysis. Abstract

Winter 2007/2008

Mar 7 Harper Langston, NYU A Kernel-Independent FMM-Based Elliptic PDE Solver in Complex Geometries with Non-homogeneous Force Distributions. Abstract
Mar 6, 3:00PM Dr. Jeronimo Garcia ITER steady-state analysis with the CRONOS suite of codes. Abstract
Feb 25, 3:00PM Dr. Kathy Yelick, NERSC The Future of NERSC. Abstract
Feb 14, 10:45AM S. Jardin, PPPL The M3D-C1 Approach to Calculating Two-Fluid Equilibrium, Stability, and Magnetic Reconnection in Magnetized Plasmas. Abstract
Feb 12, 11AM Dr. Scott Klasky, ORNL End-to-End Computing for Petascale Simulations. Abstract
Feb 1 Prof. Jinchao Xu, PSU Nonconforming Finite Elements for High Order PDE Systems and Relevant Algebraic Solvers. Abstract
Jan 25 Dr. Mark Adams, Columbia Toward optimal multigrid algebraic solvers in magnetohydrodynamic simulations of fusion plasmas. Abstract

Autumn 2007

Nov 19, 1:30 MBG Auditorium Dr. Richard Gerber, NERSC High Performance Computing at NERSC. Abstract
Oct 26 Dr. Ravi Samtaney, PPPL Overcoming spatial and temporal stiffness in MHD simulations for fusion applications. Abstract
Sep 28 Dr. Aleksandra Walczak, PU From molecules to networks: the role of protein-DNA binding kinetics in stochastic gene circuits Abstract

Summer 2007

Aug 14, 2:00PM Tarun Pondicherry,Ben Phillips,PU Enhancements to ElVis Scientific Graphics Software. Abstract
Aug 10 Prof. Randall Bramley, Indiana U The Numerical Behaviour of the Conjugate Gradient Algorithm. Abstract
Aug 8, 2:00PM Eric Zatz Developing Visualizations of High Temperature Plasma Physics. Abstract

Spring 2007

Jun 5, 2:00PM Mark Adams, Columbia U New Advances in the Gyrokinetic Toroidal Code and their Impact on Performance on the Cray XT Series. Abstract
Mar 30 Dr. Alexander Pletzer, Tech-X Corp Autotools: towards a standard approach for building and sharing codes. Abstract, Examples

Winter 2006/2007

Jan 17, 2:00PM Stephane Ethier, PPPL Running GTC on 32,768 processors: The Blue Gene experience. Abstract

Autumn 2006

Oct 13, Theory Seminar Room Prof. Michael Berry, PU How Do Populations of Neurons Encode Visual Stimuli? Abstract

Summer 2006

Sep 16, 3.PM Steve Krenzel, Drexel Co-op Scientific Graphics for ElVis
Sep 8, Theory Seminar Room Dr. Andrew Bauer, RPI Developments to Improve Extended MHD Simulations in M3D-C1 Abstract
Aug 16, 2PM in B318 Tarun Pondicherry - Summer Intern Monitor and Display of Data from Simulations Abstract
Jul 28 2PM Dr. N.F. Loureiro, U Maryland An iterative semi-implicit scheme for KAW-mediated magnetic reconnection Abstract
Jul 26 Roman Samulyak, Brookhaven Axisymmetric MHD Simulation of Pellet Ablation Abstract
Jul 7 S.C. Jardin & R. Samtaney, PPPL Dry Runs for the SIAM Annual Conference

Spring 2006

May 19 Prof. Kumar Bobba, Univ of Mass Computational Distributed Control of Complex Flows Abstract
May 18, 3PM Prof. David Keyes Superomputing in China
May 16 Prateek Sharma,PU Anisotropic conduction with large temperature gradients Abstract
Mar 24 Dr. Giovanni Lapenta, LosAlamos Kinetic approach to Microscopic-Macroscopic Coupling in Fusion Plasmas Abstract

Winter 2005/2006

Mar 17 Dr. Sanjukta Bhowmick, Columbia Selecting and Combining Solvers Abstract
Jan 20 Prof. Randall Bramley, Indiana University Using Vector Computers Abstract
Jan 13 Xavier Tricoche, University of Utah Toward an Automatic Characterization of Magnetic Structures in Tokamak Simulations Abstract

Autumn 2005

Nov 4 Alexandre Coimbra, Jeffrey Saltzman and John Szumiloski, Merck Research Nonlinear 3-D Magnetic Resonance Image Registration Using Grid Generation Techniques and Multigrid Solvers. Abstract
Oct 12 Ovsei Volberg, Tech-X Corporation, Boulder Code Modernization and Coupling for Future Integrated Modeling Abstract
Oct 7 Slava Lukin, PU MHD modeling on a logically rectangular curvilinear adaptive grid. Abstract

Summer 2005

Sep 1 Marc Osherson Integrating SCOPE with ElVis.
Aug 11 Will Fisher, Dalton High School Integrating Command Line Programs with Java Clients.

Spring 2005

Jun 1 Prof. Mladen Vouk, NC State UnivNext Generation Scientific Workflows: A case study. Abstract
Jun 1, 11:00 Bertram Ludaescher (UCD) & Ilkay Altintas (SDSC) Overview of Scientific Workflow Automation with Kepler/SPA . Abstract
May 24, 1:30 John Kichury,SGI SGI Visualization - Prism Architecture and Performance. Abstract
Apr 1 Dr. Daren Stotler, PPPLWhy Should I Believe My Code? - The Quest for Verification & Validation. Abstract

Winter 2004/2005

Mar 11 Dr. Alex Pletzer, GFDL Some coding guidelines for writing high performance scientific applications. Abstract
Feb 25 Prof. Mark S. Shephard The Development of Adaptive Simulation Loops. Abstract
Jan 13 Paul Fischer, ANL Spectral Element Methods for Anisotropic Diffusion and Incompressible MHD. Abstract

Autumn 2004

Dec 17Dr.Tom Gardiner, PU A new CT-Godunov integration algorithm for ideal MHD Abstract
Nov 5Viraj N. Bhat, PPPL/RutgersHigh Performance Threaded Data Streaming for Large Scale Simulations. Abstract
Oct 29J.P.Ampuero, PU Current paradigms and challenges in computational earthquake dynamics. Abstract

Sommer 2004

Aug 27Jerome Lewandowski, PPPL Self-correcting Multigrid Solver. Abstract
Aug 20Alejandro Suarez GTC Data Analysis in C+Elvis and High Resolution Display Wall Visualizations Through Chromium. Abstract
Aug 18, 10AMGeoffrey Shelburne, Augsburg College, MN Development of data storage and visualization tools for ORBIT. Abstract
Aug 10 Dr. Mark Adams, Sandia LabAlgebraic multigrid methods for challenging large-scale geometrically complex problems. Abstract
July 23 Dr. Leonid E. Zakharov, PPPLzcb-CodeBuilder: a system for communication control of numerical codes, their documentation and maintenance. Abstract
July 2 Prof. Carl Sovinec, University of Wisconsin Nonlinear Fusion MHD Simulation Using High-Order Finite Elements. Abstract

Spring 2004

May 28Ipsita Banerjee, RutgersAn Adaptive Chemistry Reduction Scheme for Reactive Flow Simulations. Abstract
May 14 Glyn Thomas, PA Consulting Group High-Performance Financial Risk Management Systems. Abstract
May 5 Yu Turkin, MPIPP, GreifswaldDevelopment of Predictive Transport Code for Stellarators. Abstract
Apr 12 Robert K. Crockett, UCB Unsplit Godunov Methods for Ideal MHD and Simulation of the Interstellar Medium. Abstract
Mar 26 Jin Chen, PPPL How to solve PDE with Neumann boundary value problems. Abstract

Winter 2003/2004

Feb 27 Dr. Vineet Ahuja, Combustion Research and Flow Technology Multi-Element Unstructured Methology for Analysis of Complex Systems with Phase Change. Abstract
Feb 20 Dr. Steve Jardin, PPPL A *Remarkable Finite Element. Abstract
Jan 30 Dr. Stephane Ethier, PPPL Porting the GTC code to the Earth Simulator computer. Abstract
Jan 16 Prof. Micah Beck,CSU Tenn.Logistical Networking in Data Intensive Distributed Computing. Abstract

Autumn 2003

Nov 25 Vincent Wheatley, CALTECRegular Refraction of a MHD Shock at an Inclined Planar Density Interface . Abstract
Oct 23Carol Woodward, LLNL SUNDIALS: Suite of Nonlinear and Differential/Algebraic System Solvers. Abstract
Oct 21 Dr. Daniel R. Reynolds, LLNL A Nonlinear Thermodynamic Model for Phase Transitions in Shape Memory Alloy Wires. Abstract
Oct 14 Michael P. Barnett, CUNY Transferable methods and findings of some recent symbolic calculations. Abstract
Sep 23 Viktor K. Decyk, UCLA Managing Complexity in Scientific Programs in Fortran95. Abstract

Summer 2003

Sep 11 K. Indireshkumar, PPPL LATTICE-BOLTZMANN Computational Fluid Dynamics and its Application to Moving Boundary Problems. Abstract
Sep 5David E. Bernholdt, ORNL Components for Scientific Computing. Abstract

Spring 2003

June 10 Alexander Pletzer, PPPL Gabor wave packet applied to solving ODEs. Abstract
Apr 9, 10 AM Ravi Samtaney, PPPL AMR Simulations of the Magneto-hydrodynamic Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability. Abstract
Mar 20 Kevin Martins, Drexel Concurrent Data Streaming. Abstract

Autumn 2002

Dec 9 Prof. Pino Martin, PU Efficient and Detailed Simulations of Turbulent Flows using MPI. Abstract
Dec 6 Prof. Manish Parashar, Rutgers Engineering the DISCOVER Computational Collaboratory. Abstract
Nov 26 Prof. Timothy J. Baker, PU Mesh Adaptation for Time Evolving Domains Abstract

Summer 2002

Sep 12 Kumar Manoj Bobba Generalized Hydrodynamic Stability Theory Abstract
Aug 13 Ryan McClarren and Chuck Crow Photonics Modeling Using Curly3d and a Web-based XML-RPC solver Abstract
Aug 8 Olayinka Arowolo GridFTP Abstract
Aug 1 Mike Miller and Vaughn Wernersbach Parallel Data Storage and Scientific Data ManagementAn: Introduction to PVFS & HDF5 Abstract
Jul 23 Dr. Nikhil Gagvani, Sarnoff Matisse: Collaborative Design, Experimentation and Visualization over the NGI Abstract

Spring 2002

Jun 19 Dr. G. Scott Lett, Physiome Sciences Inc., Princeton Scientific, Modeling and Computational Challenges of Modeling from Gene to Disease Abstract
May 9 Dr. Gregory D. Abram, IBM TJ Watson Center Distributed Visualization With OpenDX/MPI Abstract

Winter 2002

Feb 11 David E. Keyes, ODU, VA Domain Decomposition Algorithms in the Mainstream of Computational Science. Abstract
Jan 29 Ravi SamtaneyHigher-order methods for turbulence simulations. Abstract

Autumn 2001

Dec 10 Ed Seidel, Albert Einstein Institute Dynamic Grid Computing for Science and Engineering Abstract
Nov 27 Scott Klasky CS Buzzwords / The Grid and the Future of Computing
Nov 13 Kamesh Sankaran, PU Numerical Simulation of Magnetoplasmadynamic Flows
Oct 15 Grabriel Mateescu Design and Implementation of a Class of Parallel Preconditioners for Elliptic Problems Abstract
Sep 18 I. Szczesniak GRIN: A Green's function integral code for two-dimensional elliptic operators Abstract

Summer 2001

July 24 Craig Grube, PPPL Parallel MPEG Playback. Abstract
June 5 Troy Carter Everything you always wanted to know about Linux, but were afraid to ask.

Winter 2000/2001

Feb 6 Dr. Daren Stotler UniVista - Graphical Interfaces for Scientific Modeling Codes
Jan 12 Dr. Phillip Colella, LBL High resolution and adaptive finite difference methods for partial differential equations.
Dec 19 Dr. Balaji, GFDL Parallel Dynamical Kernels for Flexible Climate Models

Autumn 2000

Oct 3 Japan Visualization
Sep 26 Scott Klasky A survey of Software Tools for Scientific Visualization
Sep 21 Lisa Lowe, Drexel Field line tracing and topological studies of the magnetic field in toroidal confinements
Sep 14 Prof. Stanley Dunn, Rutgers U. Feasibility of Parallel Visualization with Vtk

Summer 2000

Aug 4 Peter Richter, PU C/C++ Implementation of Reaction Rate Tables Database.
Jun 27 Doug McCune Using cvs for source code control and collaborative development


Spring 2000

Jun 13 Daren Stotler Use of FWEB in DEGAS 2 to Expedite Documentation and Maintainability
Jun 6 Alex Pletzer Introduction to the Python scripting language.
May 23 Prentice Bisbal Restoring your own files using NetBAckup
May 16 Scott Klasky Introduction to using the Visualization Display Wall
May 2 Lew Randerson Tricks all unix users should know.
Apr 25 Stephane Ethier Converting Cray codes to run on fast unix workstations.
Mar 21 C. Ludescher Accessing PPPL's TRANSP data in MDSplus
Mar 07 Bill Davis Introduction to IDL.
Feb 13 Doug McCune Status of the NTCC Modules Library
Feb 08 Stephane Ethier PPPL's Local MPP computers
Jan 17 Charles Karney Upgrading from f77 to f90


Autumn 1999

Dec 15 Alex Pletzer Object oriented programming (OOP) in C++ and f90 for scientific applications
Nov 30 ? Visualisation
Oct 12 Charles Karney Introduction to ssh
Sep 29 Alex Pletzer EZcdf: a set of easy-to-use F90/C++/Java routines to read and write netCDF files
Aug 17 L. Randerson Accessing Experimental Data with MDSplus
Aug 03 C. Ludescher An Introduction to GNU Makefiles
Jul 27 Scott Klasky AVS Express
Jul 06 Stephane Ethier Introduction to Using the Origin-2000



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