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CUPLOT commands arranged by function


Command Description Section
H short help 3.3
HELP long help 3.3
EX or X exit CUPLOT at ``Command[ ]?'' prompt 3.3
ctrl-Z or /X exit CUPLOT anytime 3.3
I initialize all parameters 3.3
IS initialize parameters except primary shot 3.3
NF set number of frames 4.2
NC set number of curves 4.2
SH S2 S3 ... set the shot number 3.1
DE D1 D2 ... select data element(s) 3.14.1
DI digraph (' ' for waveforms) 3.1
DP define page parameters 4.5
DC define curve parameters 4.5
DF define frame parameters 4.5
G GO read and plot 3.1
R read, no plot 3.1
P plot, no read 3.1
PI plot isometric 5.1
PC plot contour 5.2
PS plot selected frames 4.1
PZ plot selected 2D frames 4.1
PSS plot snap scaler pages 6.5
PSP plot snap plots 6.5
PST time related snap plots 6.5
WD wait for new shot data and do command 6.2
M type messages 3.3
TD type device list 3.5
TT type waveform or snap titles 3.5
TH type waveform history 3.5
TW type derived waveform names 3.5
TS type snap scalers 3.5
TA type data average/minimum/maximum 3.5
TAS type data average/range/std deviation 3.5
TOI type times of interest 3.5
SM smooth data 3.10
CA calculator 4.8
SN snip subset of data 3.12
RO rotate 2D data 5.3

Command Description Section
XC YC set x/y scale factors 3.7
XT YT set x/y plot limits, total 3.84.1
XM YM set x/y plot limits, multiple 4.1
XL YL set x/y label (units) 3.9
YD set y description/title 3.9
XV set x values (start/delta) 3.6
XP set x profile for all elements 3.6
YK set hexadecimal mask on data 3.7
XI set values of z axis for 2D plots 5.1
XD set units of z axis for 2D plots 5.1
ZT set plot limits for z axis for 2D plots 5.1
O G set plot options for grid 3.11
O P set plot options for frame placement 4.4
O LOG set log mode 3.11
O L set line and symbol styles 4.4
O 41 set 4105 vs 4014 mode 6.3
O K set curve colors 4.4
O I set options for isometric plot 5.1
O C set options for contour plot 5.2
O LE set option to create plot legend 4.4
O PA set plot pause flag 6.2
O D set plot density 6.3
E set D2 device as error bars 4.3
LL least squares fit a straight line 4.7
LP least squares fit a polynomial 4.7
LE least squares fit an exponential 4.7
LS least squares fit a sine wave 4.7
LH line fit help 4.7
FF Fast Fourier Transform 4.9
FP FFT plot 4.9
FR window FFT plot on frequency 4.9
FY window FFT plot on amplitude 4.9
FU FFT untransform 4.9
FS store FFT amplitude or frequency 4.9
FB set FFT bandpass 4.9
FN set FFT notch 4.9
FO remove DC offset on untransform 4.9
FC correlate f * g 4.9
FV convolve f / g 4.9
F2 plot amplitute and phase of g 4.9
FH FFT help 4.9

Command Description Section
PF route plots to file 6.6
PT route plots to terminal 6.6
PQ queue plot file to printer 6.6
PV route plots to VGDS 6.6
W write data to file/tty 6.1
WF write selected data to file/tty 6.1
WH write data to HDF file 6.1
U write data to a Ufile 6.1
U2 write data to a 2D Ufile 6.1
DT R set data type for raw data files 6.4
DT U set disk and directory for Ufiles 6.4
DT A set data type to ASCII 6.4

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