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You can read news (and mail) from within Emacs by using Gnus. The news can be gotten by any nefarious means you can think of---NNTP, local spool or your mbox file. All at the same time, if you want to push your luck.

This manual corresponds to Gnus 5.7.

  • Starting Up Finding news can be a pain.
  • The Group Buffer Selecting, subscribing and killing groups.
  • The Summary Buffer Reading, saving and posting articles.
  • The Article Buffer Displaying and handling articles.
  • Composing Messages Information on sending mail and news.
  • Select Methods Gnus reads all messages from various select methods.
  • Scoring Assigning values to articles.
  • Various General purpose settings.
  • The End Farewell and goodbye.
  • Appendices Terminology, Emacs intro, FAQ, History, Internals.
  • Index Variable, function and concept index.
  • Key Index Key Index.
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