Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Top

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  • Introduction Preface and Responsibilities
  • Starting Computers, Accounts, Passwords, Mail Fowarding, Accessing
  • XWindows About Windows/X-Windows, Clients, Other Utilities, Customizing X
  • UNIX UNIX System, Useful Commands, Shells
  • Emacs About Emacs, Buffers, Commands, Handling Files
  • Files/Printing Disks, Accessing and Transferring (Disks/Files), Printing
  • User-User Comm UNIX Comm, VMS Comm, Emacs Mail
  • Documents Tex and LaTeX
  • Othersoft
  • Index Concept Index

    --- The Detailed Node Listing --- Introduction

  • Preface Preface
  • Responsibilities User Responsibilities
  • Help Getting Help

    Getting Started

  • Computers Available Computers
  • Accounts Getting an Account
  • Passwords Choosing and Setting Passwords
  • Accessing Accessing the Computers
  • Tigernet Accessing Tigernet
  • E-mail E-mail Addresses and Forwarding
  • News Reading News Using rn

    Accessing the Computers

  • xdm Direct Login and Xdm
  • xrsh xrsh and the Display Variable
  • telnet and rlogin telnet and rlogin
  • Macs Macs
  • Dial-up Dial-Up


  • PPPL modems PPPL modems
  • NERSC modems NERSC modems
  • PU modems Princeton University modems

    E-mail Addresses and Forwarding

  • Addresses E-mail Addresses
  • Fowarding Fowarding Mail

    The X Window System

  • Windows Windows?
  • X-Windows X-Windows
  • Clients Important X Clients
  • Utilities Other Utilities
  • Customizing Customizing X
  • Security X Window Screen Security


  • Anatomy X's Anatomy
  • XStart Starting X
  • Buttons Special Buttons

    Important X Clients

  • XClients X Clients
  • XVMS X Clients under VMS


  • System The UNIX System
  • Organization Organization
  • Commands Useful Commands
  • Shells About Shells

    Useful Commands

  • UNIXCom UNIX Command Format
  • Files File System
  • Directories Directories
  • Compiling Compiling
  • Printing Printing and Process Commands
  • Othercom
  • Piping Redirection and Piping

    About Shells

  • Login `.login' Profile and `.cshrc'
  • WildChar Wild-Card Characters

    GNU Emacs

  • EmacsEd The Emacs Editor
  • Entering Entering and Leaving Emacs
  • Buffers Buffers, MiniBuffers, and the Screen
  • CharKeys Characters, Keys, and Commands
  • Buf/Modes Buffers and Modes
  • OtherFun

    Buffers and Modes

  • MultBuf Handling Multiple Buffers
  • Modes Major and Minor Modes

    Other Functions of Emacs

  • Read News Read and Post News with Emacs
  • Read Info Read Information with Emacs
  • Read man Read Manual Pages with Emacs
  • Emacs-ftp Run FTP with Emacs

    Working with Disks, Files and Printing

  • Disks Disks and NFS
  • FileOps Accessing and Transferring Files
  • PrintOps Printing Options


  • NFS The Network File System
  • Types Home, Scratch, and Temporary Disks
  • Cray NERSC File System and Accessing the Suns

    Accessing and Transferring Files

  • FTP FTP and Anonymous FTP
  • Mac Accessing from a Mac
  • NFS/Emacs Accessing Files through NFS and Emacs

    User to User Communication

  • UNIXComm UNIX Communication
  • EmacsComm Emacs Mail Utility
  • MailCrossPost Mail Cross Posted to News group and BULLETIN

    UNIX Communication

  • UMail Using UNIX Mail
  • UTalk Talk and Write

    Tex and LaTeX

  • LaTeX?
  • Running Running LaTeX
  • Dvips Dvips
  • Features Special Features
  • Dviselect/Spell Dviselect and Spell Checking
  • Texinfo Printing TeXinfo Documents

    Special Features

  • Styles LaTeX Styles and Style Options
  • Figures Including PostScript Graphics

    Other Softwares Available on the Unix Cluster

  • Macsyma An interactive mathematical problem solving tool
  • Maple A computer algebra system
  • Mathematica An interactive mathematical problem solver
  • NetScape Another Internet World Wide Web browser

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