PPST Undergraduate Internship Program Participants

PPST Interns: Summer 2016
Student Advisor Dept Project
Joseph Abbate Cohen/Koel AS/ChBE The Wheat from the Chaff: Separation of Species in the Exhaust of the Princeton Field Reversed Configuration Fusion Reactor (Paper, PDF, 491 KB)
Calvin Chen Rabitz Chem Complex Quantum Dynamics Driven by Lasers: Quantum Control Theory and Optimization in the Large Multiple-Particle Regime (Paper, PDF, 374 KB)
Gabriel Gaitan Suckewer MAE Simulation of the 3-Wave Equation and Learning about Lasers and Plasma (Paper, PDF, 339 KB)
Jack Hollingsworth Choueiri MAE Design, Fabrication, and Data Analysis of a High-Temperature Single Langmuire Probe (Paper, PDF, 290 KB)
Taylor Kulp-McDowall Fisch MAE Particle Pusher for the Investigation of Wave-Particle Interactions in the Magnetic Centrifugal Mass Filter (Paper, PDF, 571 KB)
Nick McGreivy Cohen AS UEDGE Simulations of a Direct Fusion Drive FRC Rocket (Paper, PDF, 957 KB)
Amir Raja Cohen AS UEDGE Simulations of a Direct Fusion Drive FRC Rocket (Poster, PDF, 876 KB)
Megan Yeh Cohen/Koel AS/ChBE The Wheat from the Chaff: Separation of Species in the Exhaust of the Princeton Field Reversed Configuration Fusion Reactor (Paper, PDF, 491 KB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2015
Student Advisor Dept Project
Bolton Ferda Choueiri MAE Retarding Potential Analyzer Theory and Design (Paper, PDF, 505 KB)
Emily Ho Cohen Phys Observation of 0.3 kHz to 500 MHz Periodic Oscillations in the PFRC-2 Device (Paper, PDF, 568 KB)
Brannon Jones Choueiri MAE JxB Pump Feed System Development (Paper, PDF, 339 KB)
Jackey Liu Cohen   Using Single-Particle Motion Simulation to Optimize Coil Parameters for Inducing Autoresonant Heating in the PFRC (Paper, PDF, 1.3 MB)
Sarah Newbury Cohen Phys Investigation of Langmuir-probe-characteristic Behavior at High Bias Frequency (Paper, PDF, 369 KB)
Richard Oliver Cohen Phys Main Chamber X-Ray Emission from the PFRC-2 Capacitively Coupled Plasma (Paper, PDF, 510 KB)
Jacob Pearcy Cohen Phys Main Chamber X-Ray Emission from the PFRC-2 Capacitively Coupled Plasma (Paper, PDF, 510 KB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2014
Student Advisor Dept Project
Yegor Chekmarev Koel ChBE Design, Construction, and Testing of Particle Sources (Presentation, PDF, 1.1 MB)
Cissy Chen Wagner Phys Controlling Electrical Properties of Zinc Oxide Deposited by Radio-frequency (RF) Magnetron Sputtering for use in Thin Film Transistors (Paper, PDF, 13.4 MB)
Kevin Griffin Cohen MAE Effects of Neutron Radiation and Shielding Recommendations for the PFRC4 (Paper, PDF, 1.2 MB)
Mikhail Khodak Cohen Math 3D Plasma Detachment Simulations using the LSP Particle-in-Cell Code (Presentation, PDF, 1.4 MB)
Elijah Kolmes Cohen Phys Applications of Particle-in-Cell Simulations to Fast Ion Slowing-down (Paper, PDF, 279 KB)
Mathew Lotocki Feibush/Cohen CS Visualizing Field Lines in the FRC (Paper, PDF, 1.1 MB)
Nicolas Luzarraga Choueiri MAE Lithium Lorentz Force Accelerator: Lithium Feed System Redesign (Paper, PDF, 1.4 MB)
Jenny Tang Wagner/Sturm EE Different Methods for Encapsulating Thin-film ZnO Transistors in the Mechanically Neutral Plane (Paper, PDF, 75.1 MB)
Elizabeth Tolman Cohen Phys FRC RMF Heating at a 1-keV Scale (Paper, PDF, 4 MB)
Mathew Walsh Cohen MAE Effects of Neutron Radiation and Shielding Recommendations for the PFRC4 (Paper, PDF, 1.2 MB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2013
Student Advisor Dept Project
Russell Burton Choueiri MAE Beating Waves Experiment II (BWX II) (Paper, PDF, 135 KB and Presentation, PDF, 5.7 MB)
Charlie Kelly Choueiri MAE Magnetic Null Thruster: A Novel Concept for Plasma Propulsion (Summer 2013 PPST Report) (Paper, PDF, 684 KB) and Magnetic Null Thruster: A Novel Concept for Plasma Propulsion (Presentation, PDF, 360 KB)
Mikhail Khodak Cohen Math Further Investigations into Plasma Flow and Detachment from a Magnetic Nozzle (Paper, PDF, 1.3 MB)
Matthew Kirschner Rabitz Chem Incoherent Shaped Radiation for Control of Atomic Excitation and Energy Up-Conversion (Paper, PDF, 258 KB) and Inchoherent Control by the Environment (ICE) (Presentation, PDF, 893 KB)
Aidan MacDonagh Cohen MAE Progress Report on LSP Simulations of Magnetic Nozzles and Plasma Detachment (Presentation, PDF, 3.5 MB)
Arun Nanduri Rabitz Chem On the Complexity of Quantum Control Optimization Trajectories (Paper, PDF, 1 MB) and Exploring Quantum Control Landscape Structure (Presentation, PDF, 2.1 MB)
Elizabeth Paul Cohen AS 2-d Particle-in-cell Simulations of the Energetic‐ion Slowing Down in Cool Plasma (Presentation, PDF, 2.6 MB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2012
Student Advisor Dept Project
Matthew Chu Cheong Cohen MAE Analysis of Heat and Particle Flows in the Scrape-off Layer of a Field-reversed Configuration (Paper, PDF, 414 KB), Energetic Particle Slowing in FRC Edge (Presentation, PDF, 1.6 MB), and Summer of Learning 2012 (Presentation, PDF, 311 KB)
Alexander Creely Cohen MAE Particle-in-Cell Simulations of the Slowing Down of Energetic Charged Particles in a Background Plasma (Paper, PDF, 553 KB)
Mikhail Khodak Cohen Math Modeling Plasma Detachment in Magnetized Exhaust Systems: Towards Plasma Detachment (Paper, PDF, 1.2 MB) and Modeling Plasma Behavior in Magnetized Exhaust Systems: Towards Plasma Detachment (Presentation, PDF, 1.7 MB)
Arun Nanduri Rabitz Chem Exploring Quasi-linear Control Trajectories in Quantum Optimal Control (Paper, PDF, 1.1 MB)
Sarah Newbury Cohen Phys Evaluation of Earth's Helium Supply (Paper, PDF, 610 KB), Evaluation of Earth’s Helium-3 Supply (Presentation, PDF, 4.7 MB), and Evaluation of Earth’s Helium-3 Supply (Poster, PDF, 1.2 MB)
Ian Trase Choueiri MAE Summer EPPDyL Internship Report (Paper, PDF, 5.2 MB)
Michael Wagner Rabitz Chem A Kinematic Investigation of the Incorporation of Constraints into Quantum Optimal Control: A Report of the Work Done during the Summer of 2012 (Paper, PDF, 209 kB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2011
Student Advisor Dept Project
Avital Hazony Cohen Phil Is Fusion in the Midst of a Paradigm Shift?
William Herlands Cohen EE PFRC RF System Controls
Samuel Lite Rabitz Chem Fundamental Analysis of Complex Multi-component Material Optimization
Arun Nanduri Rabitz Chem Finding Minimal Length Pathways to Optimize Control over Quantum Dynamical Phenonmena
Yosef Razin Cohen MAE Gas Fueling Studies on an RF-heated FRC
Victoria Solomon Cohen EE Data Base of Field-reversed Configuration Articles
Ian Wong Rabitz Chem The Feasibility of Laser-driven Control of Nuclear Dynamics

PPST Interns: Summer 2010
Student Advisor Dept Project
Matthew Edwards Cohen MAE Temperature Effects on High-Temperature Superconducting Flux Conservers for the PFRC Experiment (Presentation, PDF, 1.8 MB)
Shuyue Guo Choueiri MAE Triple Probe Measurements of Mode Transitions in an Inductively Coupled Plasma (Paper, PDF, 652 KB and Presentation, PDF, 684 KB)
Sofia Izmailov Rabitz Chem A Computational Method for Design and Discovery of Optimal Molecular Scale Solar Antennas (Paper, PDF, 148 KB) and Design and Discovery of Optimal Molecular Scale Solar Antennas: A Computational Method for Property Prediction (Presentation, PDF, 140 KB)
Carlee Joe-Wong Rabitz Chem Topology of Optimal Control Landscapes for Classical Mechanical Systems (Paper, PDF, 168 KB and Presentation, PDF, 212 KB))
Christian Laftchiev Choueiri MAE Techniques for Using Emission Spectroscopy as a Plasma Diagnostic (Presentation, PDF, 1.8 MB)
Justin Leung Choueiri MAE Control of Three-Linkage Structure with a Dual Use Microthruster Array (Presentation, PDF, 1.7 MB)
Stephen Pollard Cohen Phys The Effects of an Electric Potential on Azimuthal Particle Velocity in an FRC (Presentation, PDF, 1.1 MB)
Benjamin Tai Choueiri MAE Power Reflection in a Single Stage FARAD Thruster (Presentation, PDF, 280 KB)
Ian Wong Rabitz Chem On the Feasibility of Laser-Driven Control of Nuclear Dynamics (Presentation, PDF, 364 KB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2009
Student Advisor Dept Project
Andrew Jones Kaita Phys Magnetic Diagnostics for the Lithium Tokamak Experiment (LTX) at PPPL (Paper, PDF, 280 KB)
Richard Li Rabitz Chem Systematic Variation of Molecular Properties Expressed through Quantum Control Landscapes (Paper, PDF, 344 KB)
James Mitrani Cohen Phys Theory of Coherent Population Trapping in Warm Hydrogen Plasmas in Weak Magnetic Fields (Paper, PDF, 1.6 MB)
Kunal Nayyar Choueiri MAE Open-Ended RF SusTainEd Discharge (OERSTED) (Paper, PDF, 392 KB)
Trevor O'Neill Cohen MAE FRC Flux Conserver Cooling (Paper, PDF, 64 KB)
Among Ram Choueiri MAE Lithium Lorentz Force Accelerator (Paper, PDF, 484 KB)
Carly Sakumura Choueiri MAE Princeton Micro-thruster Array (Paper, PDF, 548 KB)
J. Samorajski Rabitz Chem Tailoring Materials and Radiation to Explore Cloaking Phenomena (Paper, PDF, 212 KB)
Katherine Song Wagner EE Flexibility of Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistors with a New Gate Dielectric Deposited by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (Paper, PDF, 460 KB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2008
Student Advisor Dept Project
Eric Anson Rabitz Chem Control of Quantum Dynamics (Paper, PDF, 96 KB)
Nathan Danielson Rabitz Chem Differential Equations that Preserve some Observable, Nonlinear Phenomena (Paper, PDF, 424 KB)
Bilesh Ladva Suckewer MAE Researching the Erosion of Electrodes in Plasma Spark Plugs (Paper, PDF, 68 KB)
Julia Ling Choueiri Phys RF-assisted Faraday Accelerator (Paper, PDF, 64 KB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2007
Student Advisor Dept Project
Abishek Agrawal Wagner EE Resistance Components of Elastically Stretchable Electrodes on Silicone Membranes (Paper, PDF, 140 KB)
George Brell Rabitz Chem An Efficient Algorithm for the Discovery of Complex Material Formulations (Paper, PDF, 88 KB)
Ashley Bucsek Cohen MAE Particle Diagnostics on the Princeton Field-reversed-Configuration Device
Pritha Ghosh Rabitz Chem Optimal Dynamic Discrimination of Very Similar Species (Paper, PDF, 80 KB)
Simon Kheifets Suckewer MAE Generation of Ultra-short and Intense Laser Pulses via Raman Backscattering in Plasma (Paper, PDF, 64 KB)
David Levit Kurtzer/Cohen Econ Assessment of Market Potential of Conventional and Unconventional Fusion Reactors (Paper, PDF, 444 KB)
James Mitrani Cohen/Lebedev Phys Using Faraday Rotation to Study Z-Pinch Plasmas (Paper, PDF, 340 KB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2006
Student Advisor Dept Project
C. Boettiger Rabitz Chem A Reordering Approach to Numerical Analysis of Boundary Value Problems (Paper, PDF, 104 KB)
E. Chen Choueiri MAE Gas-Fed Pulsed Plasma Thrusters: From Spark Plugs to Laser Initiation (Paper, PDF, 1.6 MB)
A. Kandabarow Sturm EE Gas Injection Techniques for Al2O3 Atomic Layer Deposition (Paper, PDF, 264 KB)
S. Kheifets Suckewer MAE Development of an Axially and Temporally Uniform Plasma Channel for Raman Backscattering Amplification (Paper, PDF, 44 KB)
A. Mackowski Choueiri MAE Gas-fed Pulsed Plasma Thrusters: Experiment, Diagnosis, and Modeling (Paper, PDF, 180 KB)
H. Pratt Wagner EE Diffraction Gradient Pattern Transfer by Nanoimprinting with Photocurable Resist at Room Temperature (Paper, PDF, 740 KB)
A. Shnidman Kaganovich AS Monte Carlo Simulation Calculations of Ionization Cross Sections (Paper, PDF, 164 KB)
C. Smith Choueiri MAE 1-D Particle Micro-simulator for Exploring the Boundary Interactions in a Plasma Finite Volume Code (Paper, PDF, 232 KB)
B. Tsou Rabitz Chem Grid-walking Algorithm to Analyze the Structure of Quantum Optimal Control Theory Landscapes (Paper, PDF, 48 KB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2005
Student Advisor Dept Project
C. Fuller Rabitz Chem Quantum Control in Macroscopic Path Length Systems (Paper, PDF, 2.3 MB)
J. Hamm Rabitz MAE Investigating Electromagnetic Pulses in Matter (Paper, PDF, 1.8 MB)
D. Olivan Cohen AS Determining Lyapunov Exponents from a Time Series
J. Tai Wagner EE Sputtering, Electrical Conductivity and Wet Etching of Molybdenum Films (Paper, PDF, 380 KB)
C. Wheaton Choueiri MAE Plasma Propulsion
E. Whitman Choueiri MAE Onset in a Magnetoplasmadynamic (MPD) Thruster (Paper, PDF, 176 KB)
A. Ziskind Choueiri MAE Ion Acceleration with Beating Electrostatic Waves (Paper, PDF, 4.5 MB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2004
Student Advisor Dept Project
D. Broaddus Suckewer MAE Plasma Generation with a Picosecond Laser Pulse (Paper, PDF, 276 KB)
A. Kattamis Wagner EE Mechanical Stress in Thin Film Transistors made by Plasma Processing on Compliant Polymetric Substrates
A. Naiman Choueiri MAE Emission Spectroscopy of a Lithium Arc (Paper, PDF, 432 KB)
A. Prescott Choueiri MAE Design of a Quartz Crystal Microbalance for Thrust Measurements (Presentation, PDF, 1 MB)
T. Woodson Gleskova/Wagner EE/MAE Characterization of the Silicon Dioxide Film Growth by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) (Paper, PDF, 368 KB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2003
Student Advisor Dept Project
B. Beck Choueiri MAE Plasma Thrusters
D. Broaddus Suckewer MAE Prototype Gas Cell for Laser Target (Paper, PDF, 356 KB)
B. Chu Suckewer MAE Hydrogen Reformation in a Large, Fast-moving Spark Plug Induced Plasma Discharge (Paper, PDF, 224 KB)
E. Coleman Cohen/Mahoney AS/History Contributions of N. Christofilos to FRC Fusion (Paper, PDF, 1 MB)
F. Wang Wagner EE Re-optimization of Deposition Parameters of Silicon-nitride Films prepared by Plasma-enhanced-chemical-vapor-deposition (PECVD) Process (Paper, PDF, 364 KB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2002
Student Advisor Dept Project
J. McQuade Choueiri MAE Te in a Helicon Source
S. O’Rourke Kaganovich AS Calculating Ionization Cross Sections
J. Sapan Cohen AS Circuit Simulations for the RMFO/FRC Antenna System (Paper, PDF, 180 KB)
N. Siefert Cohen AS Plasma Thrusters
F. Yip Rabitz Chem Laser Control of Chemical Reactions

PPST Interns: Summer 2001
Student Advisor Dept Project
W. Fox Ji AS MHD Surface Waves in Liquid Metal (Paper, PDF, 112 KB)
C. Mester Choueiri MAE Design of a Plasma Shield for Vacuum Tank Windows (Paper, PDF, 292 KB)
J. Sapan Cohen AS RMF for FRCs (Paper, PDF, 176 KB)

PPST Interns: Summer 2000
Student Advisor Dept Project
J. Biteen Rabitz Chem Closed Loop Quantum Control using High Dimensional Model Representations (Paper, PDF, 180 KB)
K. Ertmer Fisch AS Improvements on a Cylindrical Geometry "Micro" Hall Thruster (Paper, PDF, 276 KB)
T. Provins Choueiri MAE A Summer on the Li-LFA Team: Preparing for Lithium Mass Flow Calibration (Paper, PDF, 228 KB)
N. Shenvi Rabitz Chem Non-linear Kinetics Parameter Identification by HDMR Map Inversion (Paper, PDF, 180 KB)
E. Torbert Cohen AS Orbit Theory in FRC (Paper, PDF, 352 KB)

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